Burglar Alarms

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Burglar alarms at competitive prices

When a burglar breaks into your home or business, not only can it result in a great financial loss, but it can also be a pretty big shock, causing a great deal of stress and hassle. With ESS Security Ltd, however, the only people who ever get a shock are those that attempt to break-in. Our advanced alarm systems are incredibly effective, having been designed and manufactured by renowned companies that are approved by the Ministry of Defence, insurance companies and banks.


Our services cover Leeds, York, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Selby, Ripon, Ilkley, Wetherby, Wakefield and surrounding areas.


Burglar alarm and intruder alarm systems

Our range of control and detection equipment is designed and manufactured by renowned international companies whose products are specified by the Ministry of Defence, banks and leading insurance companies.

As with our commercial alarms, our home alarm systems provide only the latest and best in security technology and functionality. Specifically designed with the residential security market in mind, we can provide our customers with advanced hardwire or wireless detection systems. This in turn allows for easier installation and greater flexibility.


Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Digital communicator monitoring enables you to have your alarm linked directly to a 24-hour alarm receiving centre via a standard telephone line. This means that in the event of a break-in, alarm signals are transmitted to the ARC and act as the most cost-effective way of bringing a sufficient response to your alarm’s activation.

DualCom provides continual monitoring of a protected premises via any standard telephone line. Alarm signals are transmitted via radio, GSM or GPRS and will provide a notification to the ARC in the event of a line cut.

The BT RedCare service provides continual monitoring of a protected premises through the use of an existing BT line. This line is continually monitored and in the event of a line cut, the ARC will be notified. With the addition of RedCare GSM, monitoring will continue even though the line has been cut.

This can be done through a smartcom or dualcom analogue line will disappear in the near future so there will be no such thing as a digital communicator.

Pet Friendly Alarm Systems
You may think you cannot have an alarm system in your property because you have pets that will interfere with the sensors and activate the alarm. Think again. We are able to provide a low disruption solution. We can fit a wireless alarm with pet-friendly sensors, this means the alarm will not be activated by the pet but would be activated by an intruder. Read more about our wireless alarm systems.

Burglar Alarm Repairs


We provide burglar alarm repairs in Leeds, Harrogate, Wetherby and surrounding areas. We can repair all types of alarms whether the alarm system was fitted by us or not. Perhaps you have moved into a property and cannot work the alarm, you want additions onto an existing alarm system, your alarm system has a fault you cannot resolve or it is just not working at all! We can help with all of these issues as well as Alarm Servicing & Alarm Maintenance. For a very competitive annual fee, we will come out each year and service your alarm system. Contact us to find out more about alarm maintenance packages.


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