Elderly Alarm Systems

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Wireless Elderly Care Systems

Visonic’s Amber® emergency response systems enable a safe and secure home environment, timely emergency response, and lifestyle support services. This advanced family of systems provides a comprehensive answer to the varied needs of today’s fast-growing senior and home healthcare market.

The systems and accessories provide full personal emergency response and safety protection to the user. Additionally, unlike any other PERS system available today, the Amber system also offers the option to add intrusion detection and inactivity monitoring.



Advanced Personal Emergency Response, Safety and Lifestyle Management SolutionAmber®Select combines personal emergency response with lifestyle, safety and well-being management in a single, comprehensive, and attractive solution. The AmberSelect is an ideal solution for seniors and others with evolving healthcare concerns who wish to continue living independently in their own homes.


With its sleekly designed, easy-to-use console, wearable remote transmitters (known also as panic alarms), and wide range of detection accessories, AmberSelect provides the ultimate lifestyle support solution for the high-end market. It incorporates an advanced home safety and intrusion alarm with a full-featured activity support system – so that emergency response, family contacts, and health care providers are reachable at the press of a button. The comprehensive range of AmberSelect also provides personal safety, including safety threat detection, such as smoke, floods, carbon monoxide (CO), medication reminders, and inactivity and fall monitoring.


AmberSelect Features:


  • Ultra-modern and streamlined design fits any décor
  • Programmable inactivity monitoring and fall monitoring via a wearable detector
  • Comprehensive environmental safety detection – including, smoke, flood, carbon monoxide (CO), and intrusion monitoring
  • Emergency call initiation and pick-up of incoming calls using wearable remote transmitters
  • Built-in, two-way speakerphone – with high-volume setting and high-sensitivity microphone
  • Up to 16 customizable reminders (voice messages and on the LCD display)
  • Large LCD screen with unlimited language options, and time and date display
  • Support for up to 29 (for private homes) or 255 (for group living facilities) wireless transmitters
  • Local and remote programming via PC or telephone line
  • Comprehensive anti-failure protection features – including power failure and low or missing battery alerts, 24-hour backup battery, and programmable periodic test



Professional Personal Emergency Response and Safety Monitoring System AmberLink is a personal emergency response system that comprehensively answers central monitoring stations’ need for a wireless, reliable and cost-effective emergency and safety response solution. With a clear audio communication channel and a wide array of safety detectors, AmberLink enables monitoring stations to receive emergency calls and to accurately assess the customer’s situation remotely.


Supporting up to 28 different wireless inputs, AmberLink can comprehensively monitor safety threats, including smoke, flood and carbon monoxide (CO). PIR detector support enables programmable inactivity monitoring. AmberLink is easy to use; emergency calls to the monitoring station or a private phone can be initiated with just one click – by pressing the large emergency button on the console or by pressing one of the portable or wearable buttons from anywhere on the premise. Additionally, to increase reliability and to ensure connectivity, the AmberLink supports both PSTN and optional GSM communication interfaces.


AmberLink Features:


  • Emergency call initiation via:
    • Large push button on the panel
    • Remote transmitters from anywhere on the premises
  • All outgoing calls over PSTN or GSM
  • Inactivity detection from the central monitoring station
  • Built-in, two-way, high-volume speakerphone and sensitive microphone
  • Supports up to 28 wireless devices
  • Comprehensive safety threat detection, including smoke, flood and carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Intuitive HHCPC utility enables easy system programming*
  • USB interface for local PC programming
  • Local programming of up to 15 wireless devices (no PC needed)
  • Management via telephone line or over a cellular network
  • Power failure and low/missing battery alerts
  • Low-battery indication for personal emergency transmitters
  • 34-hour backup battery (without GSM module)
  • Programmable periodic test

Supervised Wireless Fall Detector


The MCT-241 PERS not only functions as a fall detector, but it can also double as an emergency alert button to send signals in other circumstances. The fall detection feature of this transmitter is activated when the person wearing it tilts more than 60 degrees for a certain period of time. You can set the length of time that the person is at this angle so that the quickest response is guaranteed.


The MCT-241 PERS is waterproof and can be worn anywhere around the house, including the bath or shower, or any other place where water is present like a pool or if your loved one likes to take walks in the rain.

Emergency Button


The Visonic MCT-220 is a great addition to your Visonic PERS and is very useful for areas your loved one might be in when their pendant or wristband emergency button is not within reach.


The MCT-220 is a wireless button that can be mounted in areas where an accident can occur such as the bathroom or kitchen. Not only is it an emergency button, but it can double as a button that will answer incoming calls when the telephone is not in reach.


This has a large red button that is easily seen and, when pressed, activates an LED light for a few seconds to let you know that it is working. The button also lights up and blinks every few seconds so that your elderly loved one can find it better in the dark. They will never be at a loss with this device.

Waterproof Emergency Pendant Transmitter


The MCT-211 PERS is a great addition to your AmberLink or AmberSelect Personal Emergency Response System. This can be worn as a wristband or a pendant and is great to have in situations where a transmitter needs to be within easy reach.


The MCT-211 PERS is waterproof and can be worn anywhere around the house, including the tub or any other place where water is present like a pool or if your loved one like to take walks in the rain.


When the button on this transmitter is pressed, a signal is sent to the main control panel and initiates the programmed response, which in most cases is a call out for assistance. The transmitter has a very unique code, which is factory programmed, that is very hard to reproduce. This will help cut down on the instance of any false alarms.

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