Are you considering a cctv system for your home or business? We are now at the time of year when it becomes darker earlier and burglary and crime rates rise. West Yorkshire ranks 2nd in the national crime statistics on burglary rates after London and one burglary is committed every 40 seconds in the UK. Its staggering! If you are a business, installing a cctv system will give you added peace of mind. Not only for when your business is closed as a means of crime prevention but also it can give you an insight into what is happening when you are there too. Today the types of cctv system you can install are so much more technologically advanced. You can interact with your cctv system through your smart phone, tablet or computer. This means you can see inside your home or business when you are not there! This coupled with a smart alarm system is a powerful security combination! It’s never been so easy to install! Take advantage of our fantastic Autumn offer by quoting CCTV LEEDS