Most people instinctively want to protect the things in their lives that are most valuable to them, their family, home, business, personal property & items with sentimental value that cannot be replaced, ever. Unfortunately, sometimes though the protection comes too late and we have already lost valued items we cannot replace. This could be a laptop containing irreplaceable family photos or a piece of precious jewellery with little value in monetary terms but irreplaceable sentimental value. When we lose such things it can be devastating. Sometimes it is not just about what we have lost but the impact of the whole experience can leave deeper emotional sca

With the days getting lighter, as we approach the spring, you may think your property is less of a target for burglars. This is not the case. Often people are out of the house longer, garden sheds are left unlocked, windows are left open, patio doors are not locked and this makes the life of a burglar that bit easier.

It is a fact that when you invest in an burglar alarm system you make your home or business significantly less of a target. A pro-active approach to your home security or business security will be likely to save you from the loss and heartache we have talked about. Today, with the advances in technology, there are so many ways in which you can protect your home or business. Security cameras combined with a burglar alarm system takes the protection to the next level and there are even options whereby you can watch over your property from your smart phone whilst you are not there.

ESS Security Ltd have provided security systems in Leeds and across Yorkshire for over 30 years and in that time our products and technology has evolved, as has the average burglar. We strive to deliver the best security option for our customers so you they do not have to endure the true cost of burglary.

West Yorkshire Police recommend that you register your valuables for free by using This is great advice, because if you are unfortunate enough to have your items stolen, either from your home, business or whilst out and about, if they are found then they will be returned to you.

When it comes to protecting your home, family and valuables, we ask you what is the true cost?

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