Alarm Repairs Harrogate

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Alarm Repair In Harrogate

ESS Security Ltd provides alarm repairs in Harrogate, Knaresborough and surrounding villages.

Cost-effective home alarm system repair in Harrogate. If your alarm system is not working, has a fault or perhaps just needs a service then get in touch, we can help. We can often carry out alarm repairs with minimal cost and we also offer a 3-year repair and service plan which is even better value for money with added peace of mind.
ESS Security Ltd has been in business in Leeds for over 30-years. Over that time, we have installed, repaired and serviced thousands of alarm systems in Harrogate, Knaresborough, York & across Yorkshire.

Alarm Repairs


  • Home Alarm Repairs
  • Shop Alarm Repairs
  • Industrial Unit Alarm Repairs
  • Factory Alarm Repairs
  • Office Alarm Repairs

Alarm Services


  • Alarm Servicing
  • 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring
  • Alarm Maintenance
  • Alarm System Takeovers
  • Alarm Upgrades

Additional Security


  • CCTV Repairs
  • Access Control Repairs
  • Fire Alarm Repairs
  • Intercom System Repairs
  • Smoke Alarm Repairs
Business Alarm Repair Harrogate
Do you need a Business Alarm Repair? We work for a wide range of clients from residential homes, large estates, farms, offices, shops, industrial units, factories and large PLC’s across the UK. We have yet to come across a problem that we have not been able to advise on or resolve. We also work with a number of leading property developers, property agents and even banks and building societies and these are relationships that we have maintained over many years.

Alarm System Additions


Concerns about opening the door to strangers or at night


We can fit a button close to the front door (known as a panic button). When pressed, it will immediately sound the alarm in and outside the house, alerting neighbours and warning off unwanted visitors.


I have pets therefore they will set the alarm off!


No – with our ‘pet friendly’ alarm systems, we can fit sensors therefore your pets are recognised as being pets and will not set the alarm off. This means you can set the alarm whilst you are out or in bed, giving you absolute peace of mind.


Alarms for Outbuildings, Garages & Sheds


With our wire-free remote secure sensors – no wires no fuss – just peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure. Wireless sensors can be added to any existing system.


I’m away from home frequently for long periods?


We can fit an alarm system with a digital dialler (or add one to your existing alarm system) that will send a message to you on your mobile phone, alerting you should the alarm be activated – giving you peace of mind whilst away from home – we can even set it up so that you can listen in to your home too.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more about our tailored security systems