Construction Site Security Systems

Building sites can be a haven for thieves, with copper, construction site materials, tools and plant equipment being an ongoing challenge to secure.

One of our specialist services is to provide the security and assurance for construction sites, large or small. Due to the ever changing environment of a development the security needs to be flexible and scalable to ensure you are protected at all times. The systems utilised by ESS Security Ltd are totally flexible to allow us to maintain protection of your site at all stages of the build.

Access Control on Building Sites

ESS Security Ltd provides access control for construction sites to aid security and health and safety, ranging from electronic locks, barriers, rising barricades and turnstiles.

The method of access ranges from proximity tokens and or biometrics (finger-print or iris recognition), audio or visual.

CCTV Security for construction sites

ESS Security Ltd’s remote video monitoring system protects staff, customers, stock and assets at multiple locations from a central control point. e have provided CCTV security cameras for construction sites in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield & across the UK.

With the escalating costs associated with manned guarding and the advances in communication, remote monitoring of CCTV systems is proving a cost effective alternative. In competitive markets, homes and businesses must seek out cost effective solutions.

For added peace of mind, ESS Security Ltd is committed to designing systems that comply with remote monitored detector activated CCTV systems BS8418.
ESS Security Ltd has a proven track record of securing construction sites for years working alongside companies such as Balfour Beatty, Willmott Dixon, Osborne Construction, Interserve and many more.

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