Nurse Call

Providing Comfort and Peace of Mind to Patients

ESS-Security Ltd’s nurse call systems provide many benefits to its users, enabling immediate, effective communication between nurses and patients , while also granting patients with an increased sense of security. The technology we incorporate into all of our installations is cutting-edge and meets all legal and safety regulations.

However, with ESS-Security Ltd, it’s not just about the technologically-advanced nurse call systems that we install. We deliver an exceptional customer experience from start to finish, ensuring that we work within budget and the allotted amount of time given for the job.

Available Nurse Call Systems

ESS-Security Ltd’s most basic nurse call system provides the patient with a button that alerts nursing staff with a light and/or an audible sound at the nurse’s station. The alarm can only be reset at the patient’s bedside, ensuring that no calls go unheeded.
If required, ESS-Security Ltd can install a more advanced nurse call system which allows staff to communicate directly with patients via intercom. The benefit here is that a nurse does not need to waste time walking to the patient’s room to determine the urgency of the call.

With the intercom system, the alert can be turned off from the nurse’s station, allowing staff to avoid entry into the patient’s room if it is determined that the patient’s needs can be met without doing so.

Newer technology allows call buttons to reach cell phone-like devices carried around by nursing staff. Staffers can then answer the calls from wherever they are located within the facility, thereby improving the speed and efficiency of the response.
Nurse call Integration is an application that connects nurse call systems to mobile communication systems and other communication platforms. It enables the nurse call system to send alerts as message to a number of mobile and communication devices. Depending on the devices used and your requirements, you can set up two-way or more communication. This allows for more efficient use of the nurse’s time as they may be able to deal with the call from their station.

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